Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lord Rhyolith 10-man NM

The Trash

1. Tank charge up the hill and gather at the edge. Hit Kar the Everburning to make him stop spawning the small elementals. He will also retreat and spawn 2 Unbound Pyrelords.

2. Pull the 2 Pyrelords and kill them first before engaging Kar.

3. Melee stay on Kar while range take out the Lava Spawns. They will not multiply if killed while Kar is still alive. Try to leave only one Lava Spawn before killing Kar. Once Kar is dead, stun the last Spawn before killing it.

Lord Rhyolith
Kill Video

1. This is a 2-phase encounter and Rhyo is not tankable in P1. This encounter is a bit dependent on RnG. U may get good spot active volcano spawn or it can be the max range of the previous one. 

2. Obsidian Armor
Rhyo starts with 80stacks (80% dmg reduction) of the buff on him. Everytime he steps on Active Volcano, the buff is reduced by 10%. *16% after the recent patch.

3.  Rhyo can't be targeted, attacked or tanked during this p1. Rhyo's movement during p1 is dependent on the DPS done to his Right and Left Leg (shared health pool), which will be reflected on his movement bar. It's important for ALL the DPS to see this bar. If Rhyo reaches the lava surrounding his platform, he will Drink Magma and cast a raid-wipe ability; dealing 35k fire dmg through Molten Spew to everyone every second for 4 seconds.

4. Concussive Stomp
Rhyo will cast this ability from time to time and the raid will be taking the most dmg from this ability. It will also spawn 2 -3 Volcanoes. This stomp can be fully resisted which is purely RnG. It used to knock back those within 20yards of Rhyo but it no longer does (the video still has the knock back element in the fight).

5.  The Volcanoes 
The volcanoes can be in 4 different forms; 
Inactive Volcano: Used to have smokes coming out from it but it is now no longer.
Active Volcano:  Has smoke and lava coming out from it and also dealing Eruption dmg.
Crater: Volcanoes that Rhyo had stepped on. 
Magma Flow Crater: Will despawn once it finish casting Magma Flow.

6. Molten Armor 
This is not listed in the in-game raid journal. Every time Rhyo steps on an Inactive Volcano he gains 2 stacks of this buff. The buff will drop @ 1 stack every 15sec.

7. Eruption
Rhyo will occasionally activate an inactive volcano. An active volcano will cast this debuff on 3 random players every 2 sec. However, because there's a slight delay in each eruption, it will look like as if it's landing on a player or two, every second a volcano remain active. Having two active volcanoes up will stress the healers quite a bit.

8.  Below is Concussive Stomp dmg with possible dmg modifier from Molten Armor and Eruption debuff.
                                                                             Eruption Stacks
                                      0 stack                 3 stacks                6 stacks               9 stacks
Molten Armor Stacks                              30%                     60%                     90%
0 stack                           32.4k - 37.6k       42.1k - 48.9k      51.8k - 60.2k       61.6k - 71.4k
5 stacks (10%)               35.6k - 41.4k       46.3k - 53.8k      57k - 66.2k          67.6k - 78.7k
10 stacks (20%)             38.8k - 45.1k       50.4k - 58.6k      62.1k - 72.2k       73.7k - 85.7k
15 stacks (30%)             42.1k - 48.9k       54.7k - 63.6k      67.4k - 78.2k       80k - 92.9k

9. Magma Flow
All exposed craters has the potential of causing Magma Flow. This is a very high dmg ability. Players hit by the streams of magma when the flow is starting will take 75k Fire Dmg. These magma stream will soon erupt dealing 150k Fire Dmg. Both dmg are modified by your Eruption debuff stack. DBM will give audio alert for this ability; "BEWARE!!".

10.  The Adds 
Rhyo summon two different type of adds during this encounter.

11. Summon Fragment of Rhyolith
Rhyo summons five small Rock Elementals.  Those within 7yds of the spawn points will take 15k fire dmg. This fire dmg is resistable and will be modified by Molten Armor stacks on Rhyo and Eruption debuff stack on player.

If Fragment of Rhyolith are not dead within 30sec, they will Meltdown, charging random raid members and dealing Fire dmg equal to their current health. This dmg is resistable and will be modified by Eruption debuff on the player. The fragments spawn with 155k, assigning 2 dps to aoe down the fragments should be enough.

Eg of total DPS on Fragments (Yvainne = Fragments tank, Durhaka = Sparks tank)

These adds doesn't hit that hard and it's possible to assign a plate dps to tank them. However, the mitigation from a traditional tank will be high on these adds.

Eg of Fragments dmg on tank

Rhyo summons a Fire Elemental add. Those within 10 yds of the spawn point will take 15k fire dmg.  This fire dmg is resistable and will be modified by Molten Armor stacks on Rhyo and Eruption debuff stack on player.

The Spark will constantly deal aoe dmg to raid through Immolation to those within 15 yds. This damage is resistable and will be modified by Eruption debuff stack on individual player. The Spark will also keep gaining Infernal Rage every 5 sec until it's killed.

The tank assigned to handle the spark will need to tank it away from the grp. The tank alone should be enough to DPS down the add even though some DoT from any DPS wouldn't hurt. Tank can use Prismatic Elixir to increase resistance to the Fire Dmg.

Eg of Spark's dmg on tank up to 11stacks of Infernal Rage (total dmg taken ~415k)

Eg of total DPS on Sparks of Rhyolith

13.  The Burn Phase
Once Rhyo is at 25%, he will remove his shell and start dealing aoe raid dmg through Immolation. He's also tankable now. Range and healers should stay 15yds away. Bloodlust/heroism and burn through.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Baleroc 10-man NM

Kill Video (1 Tank on Baleroc, 1 Tank on Crystal)

1. There are 3 methods listed here on how to tackle this encounter and the following are the basic mechanics for this fight.

Blaze of Glory
2. This is a debuff applied to the Tank tanking Baleroc every ~7-14sec. Max stacks up to 99, cannot be removed and persist through death. A single tank will have ~30stacks total by the end of the fight and a health pool exceeding 1.1 million. For this reason, a blood DK tank will be able to pull a lot of self-healing with Death Strike, Blood Shield, Rune Tap and Rune of the Fallen Crusader.

eg of Blaze of Glory stacks on tank toward the end of the encounter

eg of Death Strike self-healing

eg of Blood Shield bubble

eg of Rune Tap self-healing

eg of Rune of Fallen Crusader self-healing

Incendiary Soul
3. Everytime Baleroc apply Blaze of Glory debuff, he will gain this buff, meaning as the tank gained higher max health, Baleroc with hit the tank harder with his physical attack (Blaze of Glory debuff) and also fire attack (Incendiary Soul buff).

Shards of Torment
4. Baleroc will summon Shards of Torment (Crystal) from time to time. Where the crystal will spawn is indicated by a purple beam and DBM's "BEWARE!!" warning. It won't spawn on the tank for as long no one else is stacking with him/her. It won't spawn at where the ranges are neither. With 4 players staying outside (healers + hunter) of Baleroc melee range, it is still sufficient to make the Shards of Torment to always spawn behind the boss. There will be only ONE crystal at a time in 10-man.

5. Once the crystal is in place, the person standing nearest to it (min 15yds) will start taking hit from the stacking Torment cast by the crystal. If there's no one near by, the raid will start taking very high AoE dmg.

6. Each crystal lasts ~25-26 sec, and will apply 1 stack of Torment per second. The higher the stack, the more dmg the player will take. Torment dmg can be resisted.

Eg of Torment dmg on dps class player up to 13 stacks without any defensive cd being used.

7. Torment will move to the nearest person standing near the crystal. Once it jumps to another person, the previous player afflicted by the debuff will have another debuff callled Tormented. This debuff makes a healer an unsuitable target to take any hit from the crystal. The player with the Tormented debuff active, should also avoid from taking anymore Torment dmg until the debuff resets.

Vital Spark
8. This is the buff the healers will get after landing a direct healing spell on the player taking dmg from Torment. This buff stacks up to 999.

9. These are the number of Sparks that u will get per direct heal in relation to the Torment stack.

Torment   Spark
   1-5           1
   6-8           2
   9-11         3 
 12-14         4
 15-17         5
 18-20         6
 21-23         7
 24-25/26    8

Vital Flame
10. This is the buff the healers will get after landing a direct healing spell on the player with Blaze of Glory debuff. This buff will convert all your Sparks stack into Flame for 15sec and increase your healing done to the player with Blaze of Glory debuff. Each stack will be converted into 5% extra healing. Once the 15sec has run out, your last Vital Spark stacks will be restored and u can continue building up your Sparks again. However, If you continue to heal the person with Blaze of Glory debuff, your Sparks will once again be converted into Flame for another 15sec.

Decimation Blade and Inferno Blade
11. From time to time, Baleroc will empowered his blade with either one of these for 15sec. Decimation Strike is a slow but very hard hitting Shadow Dmg strike every 5sec until the 3rd strike. The Inferno Strike attack is 6-hit fire attack within that 15sec. Both attacks can be Dodged or Parried but only Inferno Strike can be resisted.

Method 1: 1 Tank on Baleroc and 1 Tank or/and a Shadow Priest on Crystal
12. This is the most fun method to tackle the boss for the healers. It's based on how fast can your healers build up their Sparks stack. The objective is to get ONE healer close to 100 stacks from the first crystal  alone. This is possible due to the higher Torment stack on the soaker, that will give more sparks per heal to the healers. Only 1 Tank will be tanking Baleroc through out the encounter while the other tank will be used to 'tank' the crystal. A shadow priest also can carry this role well (Dispersion).

Eg of Torment dmg on Prot Pally soaker with defensive cd being used and Mirror of Broken Images (~355k total dmg). Glyph of Divine Protection is a must. These can also be used to reduce your dmg intake - Prismatic Elixir , and Enchant Cloak - Superior Shadow Resistance

13. These are the healing & soaking assignment:

1st Crystal 
Will be fully soaked.
Healer A = full time on Tank.
Healer B = full time on Torment and quickly build up stack.
Healer C = on Torment, but must get ready to switch to Tank the moment Baleroc empowered his blade for the first time. Once switched, stay on Tank until the full 15sec Flame.

2nd Crystal 
If there's a 2nd soaker, use him/her. Otherwise, rotate between 2 or 3 player. Rotating between 3 players is more forgiving compared to 2 players. If three players are rotating, Player 1 and 2 move out at 8 stacks each while Player 3 will take the remaining balance. If only two players are rotating, the first person should move away from the crystal at 12-13stacks of Torments while the next person get the balance. 
Healer A  = SWITCH and full time on Torment. 
Healer B = SWITCH and full time on Tank
Healer C = switch back Torment to cont rebuilding Sparks once Flame about to expire. Always ready to switch to Tank the moment Baleroc cast Decimation Blade.

3rd Crystal 
Defensive CD of the 1st soaker might still be on CD, so it's safe to use 2 soakers here. Prot Pally will have Divine Protection and Trinket up again, but to stay for a full duration is risky. Move out at ~16-17stacks and leave the balance to another player.
Healer A = maintain on Torment
Healer B = maintain on Tank
Healer C = switch back to Torment to cont rebuilding Sparks once Flame about to expire. Always ready to switch to Tank the moment Baleroc cast Decimation Blade.

4th Crystal 
Same as 2nd Crystal.
Healer A = maintain on Torment
Healer B = maintain on Tank
Healer C = switch back to Torment to cont rebuilding Sparks once Flame about to expire. Always ready to switch to Tank the moment Baleroc cast Decimation Blade.

5th Crystal 
Same as 3rd Crystal
Healer A = maintain on Torment
Healer B = maintain on Tank
Healer C = switch back to Torment to cont rebuilding Sparks once Flame about to expire. Always ready to switch to Tank the moment Baleroc cast Decimation Blade.

6th Crystal 
Healer A = SWITCH to Tank
Healer B = maintain on Tank
Healer C = maintain on Torment

7th Crystal (Full soaking)
Healer A = maintain on Tank
Healer B = maintain on Tank
Healer C = maintain on Torment

8th Crystal onwards
Healer A = maintain on Tank
Healer B = SWITCH to Torment
Healer C = SWITCH to Tank

14. Building up quick Sparks. The following are the example of how many Sparks u can get within ONE crystal if there's a soaker.

For a Resto Druid

Holy Pally can build up the stack very fast by using WoG at 1 holy power, Holy Shock when it's up, and Flash of Light. Holy Shock can proc an instant cast FoL and FoL can proc double Shock. With beacon on the soaker, FoL will also grant Holy Power for your WoG, and u'll get more WoG with 2/2 Eternal Glory as well. 
Forum Image 

Disc priest should be using Penance to build up quick stacks. Penance is the only spell from my observation that can heal 3 times within 2 sec. U can still cast it 3 times within a full Shard of Torment.
Forum Image 

Eg for Holy Priest 
Forum Image 

Resto Shaman 
Forum Image

Method 2: 1 Tank to soak all 3 Decimation Strikes
15. With this method, Tank A will be tanking at the start of the encounter until he/she has enough Blaze of Glory Debuff that will take his/her total health pool ~300k. After that, Tank B will take over and Tank A will only be tanking during the Decimation Strikes. The reasoning behind this is, with lower total health pool on the tank soaking Decimation Strikes, it will be faster to top him to full before the next Strike. 

Method 3: Tanks rotate Decimation Strikes
16. With this method, Tank A will be tanking at the start of the encounter until he/she has enough Blaze of Glory Debuff that will take his/her total health pool ~300k. After that, Tank B will take over and Tank A will only taunt Baleroc AFTER the FIRST Decimation Strike hits Tank B. Tank A will then take the hit from the second Decimation Strike. Tank B will now retaunt Baleroc, take the 3rd hit, and tank until the next cycle. This method will provide the healers 10sec to top up the tanks instead of 5 sec.

17. Depending on your raid grp setup, strengths and weaknesses, one method might be easier than the other.


Addon info:

This is an old video, so some of the addons might be outdated. I'm not actively raiding.

The whole UI was customised. The dark column at the top was created using Skinner; Viewport feature --> http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/skinner
I don't however recommend this as there are a lot of default UI that u'll need to move with http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/move-anything if u set the Viewport to top.

Top left corner chat frame is http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/prat-3-0
*i had problem with Prat with MoP, http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/chatter is a good sub

Next to it is http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/basic-minimap

Next to that are http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/bartender4 with http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/omni-cc. This bars host abilities that are not commonly used or just to display some long cooldowns. I have a couple more completely hidden combat bars which key-binds are set also using Bartender and http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/clique
The cooldowns for the combat abilities are shown by the non-interactive icons/aura glow appearing and disappearing in the middle of the screen during combat. Those are set-up with http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/powerauras-classic. Power Aura is however not updated, http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/weakauras is a good sub. Some of the custom sound/voice alert were setup through the addon as well.

Some unit frames directly below it are from http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/shadowed-unit-frames

Next to the bars is http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/skada meter

Next to it is system menu set through bartender.

Next to it is combat zone map (shift+m)

Below that is http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/eaves-drop combat log so there are no distracting flying numbers during combat.

The box to left only appears in raid grp and when out of combat. That's http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/raidbuffstatus

The raid-frame is http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/vuhdo which is only visible during raid

Icons above the raid-frame is http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/rib

The players' buff/debuff at the bottom right and targets' buff/debuff at the bottom left is from http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/raven

The cast bar in the middle is http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/quartz

The bubble speech that announces ability used was http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/rsa but i think it is outdated. Didn't look for sub as not actively raiding... yet :)

I also used http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/tidy-plates but this boss is too damn big :)

http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/deathnote also running.

http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/errorfilter to hide those annoying "ability not yet ready spam" :)

Last but not least, http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/deadly-boss-mods with http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/big-wigs running together with only a few alerts that's not available through DBM

Those are basically what's visible in the video :)