Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shannox 10-man NM

Kill Video

Kill Video 2 (better strat execution) 

1. Not tauntable

2. Throw Immolation Trap and Crystal Prison Trap around the area.

3. Carry a spear and when he has his spear, he does Arcing Slash attack which is a 120 degree Frontal Cleave with a Jagged Tear DoT debuff.

4. Has 2 dogs (Riplimb & Rageface) as his pet and both are not tauntable as well. Riplimb can be tanked, Rageface however, will simply attack random raid member. All dps just focus on taking Rageface down asap and then just focus on Shannox, ignoring Riplimb for the entire fight.

5.  Both dogs and Shannox himself will gain Separation Anxiety buff if the distance between them is more than 60 yds.

6. Both dogs will get Frenzied Devotion buff IF they WITNESS Shannox reach 30%. Since Rageface should already be dead, Riplimb tank need to make sure Riplimb has Dogged Determination buff active before calling for push DPS on Shannox to bring him down below 30%.  Dogged Determination will put Riplimb in 'must get spear' mode and prevent it from enraging.

7. Shannox will throw his spear near Riplimb from time to time after which Riplimb will pick up and bring it back to Shannox. While fetching the spear (after spear hit the ground) and returning it to Shannox, Riplimb will have Dogged Determination buff up which prevents snaring below 50% of its speed. The buff will improve over time and upon reaching 100%, Riplimb will simply sprint/dash to Shannox. While this buff is active, Riplimb can be snared (otherwise it is immune to snare), but it will not trigger the Prison Trap, but can still trigger Immolation trap. If Riplimb is trapped (prison) as Shannox is hurling the spear (the buff not up yet), Riplimb will gain the buff while being trapped, and will probably start dashing later on. If Riplimb is killed before it can return the spear, Shannox will use Call Spear to regrab his spear.

8. Shannox gain a stack of Frenzy when one of his dog is killed.

9. If Riplimb is dead, Shannox throw his spear right where he stand and will cast Magma Rupture. The debuff from this spell stacks but it can be cleared by classes ability such as bubble, bop, cloak, ams etc etc. It can also be cleared off by standing 45yds away from Shannox during a cast. The tank however will have a hard time as swapping tank is complicated. This is avoidable by not killing Riplimb.

The Traps
10. Both traps are almost identical. Immolation Trap is orange in colour with small flame in the middle while Crystal Prison Trap is red in colour with small red crystal in the middle. 

The traps

11. Both Riplimb & Rageface can hit the traps. If the dogs hit a trap, they will gain Wary buff which will prevent them from getting hit by another trap for ~ 23-25sec. Immolation Traps deal average fire dmg to the dogs upon contact and also apply a DoT for 3 more ticks. Crystal Prison Traps simply trap the dogs for 11~12sec, clear off any DoT on them and make them immune to all attacks. A trapped dog can be freed quicker by dpsing the trap instead, even though this is not efficient at all. Immolation traps are meant for Rageface, and the Prison traps are for Riplimb. As Rageface will be running around attacking random player, a player should try to make sure there's an Immolation trap is in between of him/herself and Rageface and make sure Prison trap is no where near. The best way to make sure that Rageface will not accidentally triggers a Prison trap is by making sure that it always has Wary buff active. If a player is being attacked by Rageface, and is not pinnned down (can move), just pull Rageface over an Immolation Trap.

eg of Immolation trap dmg on Rageface

12. Both traps should be avoided by players and traps cannot be triggered by player's pets. Rogues can disarm one trap every 15sec which doesn't make any significant different and a waste of dps. Immolation trap does significant amount of dmg, especially the first tick to player eventhough it's resistible and a Prison trap will trap a player until the trap is broken by dpsing it.

Immolation trap dmg on players

Shannox's Spear, Arcing Slash and Jagged Tear
13. Arcing Slash attacks (every ~ 11-14sec) cannot miss, be dodged or parried but it can be fully absorbed. The DoT however is still applied on a fully absorbed attack. Pally's bubble and BoP will not clear the DoT. The slash deals high dmg to a tank especially with a Frenzy buff active on Shannox.  

eg of Arcing Slash dmg

14. The DoT from Shannox; Jagged Tear,  also cannot miss be dodged or parried but it can be fully absorbed. This dmg is not directly related to Frenzy buff on Shannox. Dmg on a tank @ up to 8 stacks is moderate.

eg of low stack Jagged Tear dmg on Shannox's tank

eg of high stack Jagged Tear dmg on Shannox's tank

15. In order for Shannox's tank to drop the debuff, he/she must not get hit by Arcing Slash for a good ~ 24-25sec. This is done by delaying Riplimb when he's returning the spear to Shannox.

16. When Shannox cast Hurl Spear, he is throwing his spear to somewhere near Riplimb. The spot where the spear will land will be marked with red beam. A player will then have ~ 2-3sec to move away from this beam to avoid the Hurl Spear dmg. 

eg of Hurl Spear dmg on clothie (~ 115k)

eg of Hurl Spear dmg on tank (~43k)

17. Once the spear landed on the ground, those within 50yds radius of the initial red beam will instantly take significant aoe fire dmg from Magma Flare (this attack can miss). A player will have ~ 4sec to move out from the blast radius from the time the red beam is in place. Another spell that the spear will cast once it touches the ground is Magma Rupture. Even though the spell name and the animation is the same as the Magma Rupture cast by Shannox if Riplimb is dead, The spear's Magma Rupture doesn't place the stacking increase fire dmg taken by 40% debuff, but it deals more fire dmg. If a player manage to safely move out of the Magma Flare blast radius, he/she don't have to worry about this. However, if a player is caught up in the flares, he/she will have ~ 2sec to safely position him/herself in between the flares before it rupture. Getting hit by both the flare blast and it's rupture is extremely bad and will strain the healers. The most effective way to avoid this is for the Riplimb tank monitoring the Hurl Spear cd on Shannox. When cd is about to reset, get Riplimb inside a Prison Trap and get everyone as far away as possible from it. Shannox will not throw his spear when Riplimb is trapped and will only do that once the trap broke. If Riplimb's tank is a good distance away by the time it's free, Riplimb will first go after the tank and then turn back to grab the spear. This is also a very effective way to reset the Jagged Tear debuff on both tanks. 

eg of Magma Flare & Magma Rupture dmg

Video on how to reset the Jagged Tear effectively

Jagged Tear total stacks on Shannox's Tank for the entire fight

Jagged Tear total stacks on Riplimb's Tank for the entire fight

18. Riplimb melee dmg on a tank is average.

Eg of Riplimb melee dmg on tank

19. Riplimb will also apply Jagged Tear on its tank dealing the same dmg as the one being applied by Shannox on his tank. This DoT from Riplimb however stacks faster if compared to the one from Shannox (every ~ 8-10sec).


20. Rageface will cast Face Rage on random raid from time to time. This attack will deals significant amount of dmg after 2-3sec. To stop the attack, a player will need to use ability that can deal more that 30k dmg. Once stopped, Facerage will then Rage at the who dealt the dmg and attack him/her for 15sec. His normal attack dmg however is average. 

Eg of Face Rage dmg within 2 secs

Eg of Rageface normal melee dmg 

-The End-

Monday, July 11, 2011

Beth'tilac 10-man NM

Kill Video 1 (related to most data images)

Kill Video 2 (better execution of strat)

1. Stack at start for aoe heal as boss will start casting Venom Rain every 3-sec until a player climbs up to the upper level. Despite its name, Venom Rain is Fire dmg and can be resisted, absorbed and missed. The Rain will stop once someone is at the upper level with Beth and will start again once everyone from the upper level jumps down to avoid Smoldering Devastation. 

Eg of Venom Rain hit: 
Forum Image 

Venom Rain Total Damage: 
Forum Image 

2. Kill Spinners. They will be hanging and use range attack. Taunt to get them to the ground. Once on the ground, they will leave a web rope that players can right click to climb to the upper level. They cast Burning Acid on random players on the ground level, regardless whether they're being tanked or not. The Burning Acid deals significant amount of dmg, can be resisted, absorbed and missed. Their melee attacks however are weak. Ret pally is very effective against the Spinners. Ret Pally has 2 taunts and both on 8sec CD and Spinners hardly hurt a plate dps with their melee attack. Righteous Defense is a very effective way to bring the Spinners down. If u're lucky u'll get more than one Spinner to come down with one cast. 

Eg of Spinner's Burning Acid hit: 
Forum Image 

Spinner's Burning Acid Total Damage: 
Forum Image 

Eg of Spinner's Melee Damage: 
Forum Image 

3. Climbing turn. 
Climb #1: Tank --> Healer --> DPS 1 --> DPS 2. 
Climb #2: Tank --> Healer --> DPS 1. DPS 2 stay to clear up adds. (optional & only if ground grp is overwhelmed by adds) 
Climb #1: Tank --> Healer --> DPS 1 --> DPS 2. 

Ground Grp 
4. Best tank to stay on the ground would be a Warrior. With Vigilance on the the other tank, a warrior tank will always be able to taunt the spinners. 

5. The Cinderweb Drone does frontal cone AoE dmg (Boiling Spatter). The dmg is resistable & can be absorbed but i'm not sure it can miss. From our WoL, there's no miss hit from 22 hits, but 20 hits was partially resisted. The other players on the ground need to take note of the direction that the Drone is facing and avoid getting hit by these. Best is to stay in center with the tank circling it. 

Eg of Drone's Boiling Spatter hit: 
Forum Image 

Drone's Boiling Spatter Total Damage: 
Forum Image 

6. The Drone's melee dmgs on a tank are low and the attack speed is ~ 2sec per swing. Looking at these figures, some might consider using a hunter with Tenacity pet (Bear, Beetle, or Turtle) to solo the Drone and using Mend Pet with Glyph of Mending + Blood of the Rhino to top up the pet (~13k tick every 2sec). The hunter's passsive skill,Avoidance + Pet talent Great Resistance will mitigate most of Boiling Spatter dmg, but the pet does take additional melee dmg compared to a traditional tank and will still require a healer's attention. Threat should not be an issue with Glyph of Misdirection. If there's a need to move the Drone, the hunter can use the move pet command. Hunter's pet can Block AND Parry but the chance is much lower compared to a traditional tank. 

Eg of Drone's (zone mob) dmg on Pet (No 'Consume' Buff) within 46sec (~420k total): 
Forum Image 

Eg of Drone's (boss add) dmg on actual Tank (No 'Consume' Buff) within 47sec ~310k total): 
Forum Image 

7. The Drone also cast Burning Acid on random players on the ground. 
Eg of Drone's Burning Acid hit: 
Forum Image 

8. Using a traditional tank to tank the Drone, the tank will need to kite the Drone away from the Spiderlings and taunt any new Spinners to bring them to the ground for more AoE Dmg/cleave. The Drones and Spinners are both immune to daze, silence, stun & root, can block but cannot parry and doesn't seems to have any resistance over magic dmg. Even though they can be afflicted by Mages Slow, the moving speed penalty will not take effect and i'm not sure whether or not the other 2 Slow spell elements make any different. 

Eg of Drone's damage taken: 
Forum Image 

Total DPS on Drones 
Forum Image 

Eg of Spinner's damage taken: 
Forum Image 

Total DPS on Spinners 
Forum Image 

9. The Spiderlings will move towards a Drone once they spawn. They are tauntable and will deal melee dmg and they melee hit harder than the Spinners. Eventhough the Spiderlings have a threat table, they will not move towards the person holding the threat and will keep moving towards the Drone. However, if the person holding the threat on them is within their melee range, they will attack the player. They will also randomly cast Seeping Venom(resistable nature dmg) on anyone within 6yds. Even though the Spiderlings are also capable of blocking, unlike the Drones & Spinners, they can be snared, rooted and dazed. If there's a mage in the grp, make sure to use Ring of Frost on the last Spiderlings pack that spawn before P2. 

Spiderlings damage for the entire fight: 
Forum Image 

Snares on Spiderling 
Forum Image 

Spiderlings Seeping Venom (not from video attempt): 
Forum Image 

Upper Level Grp 
10. Beth hit a tank quite hard in P1. 

Eg of Beth's melee dmg on tank in P1: 
Forum Image 

11. Beth will also cast Ember Flare during P1 to those on the upper level. Ember Flare is Fire Dmg, CANNOT be resisted but it can miss and can be absorbed. 

Eg of Beth's Ember Flare dmg during P1: 
Forum Image 

Beth's Ember Flare total dmg during P1: 
Forum Image 

12. Players at the upper level need to avoid the Meteor. Meteor will leave a small burning circle on the upper level web which will later on created a hole on the web. The holes are there for ppl from the upper level to jump down when Beth starting to cast Smoldering Devastation. It's not uncommon for an inexperience grp to have ppl not moving away from the Meteor Burn and later on fall down to ground level. Falling through the holes before Smoldering Devastation cast will normally result in death as the fall will not be dampened unlike jumping down during the cast. 

Eg of Meteor Burn dmg during P1: 
Forum Image 

13. The more dps u can pull on Beth during P1, the shorter your P2 will be. 

Phase 2 
14. Beth will keep gaining Frenzy stack every 4-5sec. Each stack increase her dmg by 5%. Unless your grp can burn Beth within 40sec into P2, u might wanna save Bloodlust for slightly later into P2 to help the healers with the healing (30-20%). 

Frenzy stack during P2: 
Forum Image 

15. Beth will deals a raid wide dmg with Ember Flare. Everyone except the tanks should be stacking at the tail for AoE heals. 

Eg of Ember Flare dmg with low frenzy: 
Forum Image 

Eg of Ember Flare dmg with high frenzy: 
Forum Image 

Total Ember Flare dmg during P2: 
Forum Image 

16. Tanks will get hit harder with higher frenzy as well. Save cooldowns for high frenzy stacks. 

Eg of Beth melee dmg on tanks with low frenzy: 
Forum Image 

Eg of Beth melee dmg on tanks with high frenzy: 
Forum Image 

17. Beth will apply The Widow's Kiss debuff on tanks which will keep stacking once applied all the way to 10. Each stack reduces healing received by the tank by 10%. Healers need to take note that the tank with the debuff DOES NOT require any healing as long as long as he is not tanking and Tanks need to start rotating once the debuff is applied to the other tank. Take note that, the debuff deals 10k per pulse dmg to any raid members within 10yds apart from himself. HOWEVER, while the debuff is active, the tank WILL NOT take dmg from Ember Flare. 

The Widow's Kiss during P2: 
Forum Image 

Ember Flare not hitting the Tank with The Widow's Kiss debuff during P2: 
Forum Image