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Players mount up and ready for the pull. Charge and get into position. Range stack with melee for AoE heal since there raid will be taking constant 3.6-3.8k Frost damage (resistible) every 3 secs from the Sindragosa Frost Aura.

Casters inflicted with Unchained Magic will take damage through Instability debuff. Each spell cast when Unchained Magic is active on you will build up a stack of Instability. Each stack will cause 2k Arcane Dmg after 5 second of spellcast. You can however cast and instant spell right about when you're about to finish casting a long casting spell without building up an additional stack of Instability. For eg: Holy light + holy shock combo. U can also use channeling spell when Unchained Magic is active to avoid building up Instability stack (eg: arcane missile etc). Do not use your long defensive CD (eg: iceblock, dispersion etc) during phase 1 to mitigate the backlash dmg, instead save it for bloodlust phase.

Power Aura setting
Activation by: Debuff
Name: Instability
Timer: Show
Copy paste the first setting and change the stacks to = 5, and attach a sound warning to it. This way u will know when you have high stacks and should probably stop casting and wait till the debuff reset. Consider using your wand instead when u want to let the debuff reset.

3. Melee (inc tank) will take additional dmg through Chilled to the Bone debuff. Each melee attack has a 20% chance of inflicting a stack of Chilled to the Bone. Each stack will deal 1k+ frost dmg every 2 sec. U can however use abilities with spell dmg instead when u have the debuff active (eg: exorcism, volley etc). The debuff will not stack up with melee attack on Frost Tomb.

Power Aura setting
Activation by: Debuff
Name: Chilled to the Bone
Timer: Show
Copy paste the first setting and change the stacks to = 5, and attach a sound warning to it. This way u will know when you have high stacks and should probably wait till the debuff reset.

Blistering Cold
Sindragosa will grab everyone (except for the tank) to her at the beginning of Blistering Cold cast. Take note that the grab is resistible (frost). Players grabbed have 5 sec to immediately move out of an AoE blast (frost dmg). The tank that's staying with Sindragosa need to keep strafing left and right to avoid Sindra from moving position after the blast. Two Pallies with Divine Sacrifice can rotate their CD with one another during Blistering Cold. Sindra will also always throw a Frost Breath to the tank before the grab. 2 Pallies rotating Frost Aura Mastery before the Frost Breath will not only reduce the dmg on the tank, but some players may also be able to resist the grab. Using the cheap Lesser Flask of Resistance for this fight helps as well. Some classes can escape the blast radius faster too, for eg: Rogue - Sprint, Warlock - Port (set portal at safe zone first), Mage - Blink, Druid - Travel Form, Pally - Pursuit of Justice, Warrior - Intervene on the Warlock or Mage

Tanking error during Blistering Cold (tank didn't move). Recover by flipping to the opposite side and reposition.

Air Phase, Frost Beacon and Frost Bomb
During air phase, all players move towards safe zone, players targeted by Frost Beacon get into position based on the DBM warning name order as per illustration below. *There's a more efficient positioning for this, will update later

Power Aura setting
Activation by: Debuff
Name: Frost Beacon
Attach a sound warning.

The rest will need to immediately take cover behind the nearest Frost Tomb and make sure you line of sight the incoming Frost Bombs. There will be 4 Frost Bombs and don't break the Frost Tombs before the 4th bomb. Melee can hop to the next tomb in between the bombs and range can just switch target accordingly to balance up the dps on the tombs. Improper positioning for frost tomb will result in spill damage from the frost tomb next to player when the tombs are forming.

Average positioning for beacon

Good positioning for beacon

Phase 3 (35%) & Mystic Buffet
Mystic Buffet is the aoe debuff that everyone within Sindragosa line of sight (of her center) will get every 5 sec. It will last for 7 sec. A player will take 10-15% extra magic damage per stack of the debuff. The debuff drops when a player los Sindra behind an ice tomb (or frozen himself) during the reapplying wave.

Phase 3 is also Bloodlust phase. Raid position as the illustration below at the start of phase 3. The first person targeted for Frost Beacon in phase 3 will need to move out of the stack and to the right side. The rest need to make sure the frost tomb is forming before moving out behind the tomb to take cover and reset Mystic Buffet debuff. The active tank need to move slightly to the right after the first tomb is in place in order to give room for the next tomb.

--Recently Added--
Range DPS will generally keep DPSing Sindra. A good range DPS would just stand behind the ice tomb and only take cover to LoS Mystic Buffet when the debuff timer is at 4-3sec, stay behind the tomb at debuff remaining timer 2sec and move back out to cont dps at 1sec.

Power Aura setting
Activation by: Debuff
Name: Mystic Buffet
Show timer.

If it's not a drake attempt. Range DPS can even go for an alternate tomb debuff reset.

Melee DPS, generally rogues and fury warriors should be assigned to break the frost tombs in phase 3. Tombs should be ready for break once the Mystic Buffet debuff remaining timer passed '2 sec'.
--end recently added--

The second tomb and tank move into position. First tank move to reset debuff. Repeat the steps. Move out to safety if you got grabbed by blistering cold.

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