Friday, October 8, 2010

Blood Prince Council 25HM

Raid will still need to focus dps on the Prince with HP more than 1 as per normal mode.

In heroic-mode, players will get a Shadow Prison debuff everytime they move. The debuff gain a stack per second and the player affected will take 500 shadow dmg per stack WHILE they are moving. Standing still for 10sec will reset the debuff.

Position after pull
H1 & H2: Healers that will be covering T2 or whoever within range and requires healing.

H3-H6: Healers that will be covering T1, T3 and anyone withing range and requires healing.

M1 & M6: Melee DPS that don't have an extreme speed boost abilities. eg: Ret Pallies.

M2-M5: Melee DPS that can run quick or charge. eg: Warriors, Rogues, Feral Druids.

M7 & M8: DKs (unholy would be best for additional pet support). Cover the kinetic ball/disco ball around the stage area when Valanar is active. Use range abilities or send ghoul to stand by.

R1, R2, R6 & R8: Range DPS that controls a pet: eg: Hunters, Warlocks, Frost Mages with pet glyph. *Hunter's pet that has a range attack would be best. Send pet to the stage area when there's one there. Refer to Kinetic/Disco Balls text below. Do not move out of position to get within range of a boss. Only move out for Vortex Energy or the Empowered ball of flame.

R3, R4, R5 & R7: Range DPS without pet. Cover the kinetic ball/disco ball around the door/entrance area. Refer to Kinetic/Disco Balls text below. Do not move out of position to get within range of a boss. Only move out for Vortex Energy or the Empowered ball of flame.

T1: Valanar tank. Tank & spank. Watch out for any nearby vortex.

T2: Taldaram tank. Tank & spank. Watch out for any nearby vortex.

T3: Keleseth tank. Stay and build up threat until the first empowered shock vortex. Then immediately run to pick up the Balloons (Dark Energy) around the room by hitting them. Be sure to stop away from everyone during the next empowered shock vortex. Can help reduced the size of empowered ball flame when possible. Turn off the DBM more than 6 stacks shadow prison (may stack till max with balloons). No harm in stopping to let the debuff reset if there are enough Balloons following. DKs are excellent for this roll.

V: Prince Valanar (always the first active prince)
Refer to the chart/video below for positioning during empowered shock vortex. Glistering spark debuff on the melees need to be cleansed of immediately when Valanar is active in order for them to spread out on time during the Empowered Shock Vortex. The debuff placed a dot and movement slowing effect.

Empowered Shock Vortex Positioning

Good Empowered Shock Vortex spread. Take note that the positioning is a bit different compared to the illustration above. There were only 5 melees and the healers were positioned at a different spot.

Vortex Energy
Valanar will also cast vortex energy throughout the fight. U need to move away from these vortex energy when there's one near u or will take some damage and get knocked back.

Kinetic/Disco Balls
Everyone will get knock back if these were allowed to touch the floor. The Kinetic Bombs will fall down faster compared to normal mode too. Pet micro management is very important here. Pets are to be set to passive. It's very important to not let any Kinetic Bomb reach the floor. 1 Bomb is enough to wipe the raid sometimes. Make sure that your pet in not already on a Disco Ball before u send it to the next. Take note that melee-type pets will wait for the Disco Ball to be within attack range before attacking and preventing it from touching the floor. Wanding is a great way to keep the balls up as well because it doesn't cost mana and the attack speed are fast. The disco balls move up based on hit taken instead of dmg taken.

The yellow/gold glowing dot on the floor indicates a disco ball landing there.

T: Prince Taldaram
When Taldaram is active ALL MELEE dps move in. He will cast Empowered Ball of Flame to random range, and that person need to move back a bit if he is standing too close. Players not targeted by the empowered ball of flame can reduce the dmg intended to the player targeted by it by standing in it and reducing its size. Take note that the player doing this will be a taking minimum fire dmg.

You will get a DMB warning if an Empowered Ball of Flame is targeted toward you. The clip below indicates the distance that will still resulted in an instant death if the flame size were not reduced by melee or anyone else. Always ready to run when u becomes the target!!

K: Prince Keleseth
Melee must not chase Keleseth when he's active and the Tank is running around to pick up balloons. Only attack if he's within range. Stand by at Empowered shock vortex safe zone instead as if the next shift is Valanar, he will cast the empowered shock vortex immediately after the shift.

Target Change eg: Valanar-->Taldaram
Rogues, warriors and druids use speed cd and charged regardless of debuff. Use defensive CD if debuff is too high. Warrior's charge will only add additional 1 stack to debuff, rogue's/feral druid's sprint might add 2 at most. U can stand idle while dpsing later on to drop the debuff. Take note that u will only take dmg WHILE moving

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