Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Magmaw 10 - Normal Mode

Raid: Blackwing Descent

Magmaw is on the left side after entering Blackwing Descent. There are 2 sets of trash to clear before u engage the boss.

Trash 1: Fairly simple tank & spank, 2nd tank taunt once the 1st tank has debuff.

Trash 2: Try to kill both adds at the same time. Throughout the fight both adds will keep switching target and charges the player standing the furthest away. Range dpses and healers need to stay at a safe distance somewhere in between of the two tanks as they both has a rather nasty aoe dmg.

Boss Fight
Power Aura Settings
a) For Everyone
Activation by: Debuff
Debuff Name: Mangle
Sound attachment: Yes
Tick Box:
1. Raid/Party or Self
2. 10-man & 25-man raid (otherwise u'll keep seeing/hearing the warning when u pvp)
3. Any
Usage for tanks: Immediately after the active tank has this debuff, Magmaw will grab him up. The 2nd tank must taunt immediately as the aggro table for the 1st tank is reset while being grabbed. This is to avoid Magmaw one-shoting any other player after he gets back to upright position.
Usage for everyone else: Magmaw will also target 1 side of the room immediately after he grabs the tank. When u hear the warning for this setup, be ready to change side if required.

b) For Range DPS & the person standing outside of melee range.
Activation by: Spell Alert
Spell Name: Pillar of Flame
Sound attachment: Yes
Tick Box:
1. Enemy Target
2. Focus (set Magmaw as your focus target)
Usage: When u hear the warning, get ready to dps the worms. The person standing outside of melee range can start moving away as well.

Kill Video:

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